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   Coreldraw Course Contents
  1. Working with Tools
  2. Node Editing
  3. Shaping Object
  4. Align and Distribute the objects
  5. Text Designing

About Coreldraw

CorelDraw is an enormously powerful graphic design package. It is different from bitmap graphic design package, and is a vector based program. It creates and handles images as mathematically defined vectors. Vectors are objects with magnitude and direction. You can define smooth curves in CorelDraw. It will retain the smoothness when they are enlarged, but this is not the same with bitmap graphics. Bitmap graphic images become grainy when they are enlarged. CorelDraw images are great for printed output.

CorelDraw images can be exported as "gif or jpeg" for the web page. A complete CorelDraw page can also be saved for the World Wide Web. The tools and other special features of CorelDraw help us to design stunning vector graphics.