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    Catia Course Contents
  1. Sketcher, Drawing and Detailing
  2. Part Modelling,Surface Modelling
  3. Assembly, Catia Sheetmetal

About Catia

CATIA is being used by designers, manufacturing facilities, assemblers, architects, industrial engineers etc. Have a Look around you. Everything and Anything you see had to be designed before manufacturing.

The desk you are using, the chair you are sitting in, your daily use appliances, your car, your home etc. The list is almost endless. Nearly Everything is being designed on computers. CATIA plays a major role in the design process. CATIA is being used by the majority of automotive and aerospace industries for automobile and aircraft products and its auxiliaries and tooling design. Thousands of Engineering companies throughout the world over are using CATIA. A Company using CATIA has suppliers using CATIA too, thus making CATIA a Essential tool.