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    Mastercam Course Contents
  1. 2D and 3D Drawing
  2. 2D and 3D Toolpath
  3. Mutiaxes Mill and Drilling Toolpath
  4. Turning Toolpath

About Mastercam

Mastercam's comprehensive set of predefined toolpaths—including contour, drill, pocketing, face, peel mill, engraving, surface high speed, advanced multiaxis, and many more—enable machinists to cut parts efficiently and accurately. Mastercam users can create and cut parts using one of many supplied machine and control definitions, or they can use Mastercam's advanced tools to create their own customized definitions.

Mastercam's name is a double entendre: it implies mastery of CAM (computer-aided manufacturing), which involves today's latest machine tool control technology; and it simultaneously pays homage to yesterday's machine tool control technology by echoing the older term master cam, which referred to the main cam or model that a tracer followed in order to control the movements of a mechanically automated machine tool.