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  1. HVAC Modeling Module
  2. Equipment Modeling Module
  3. Electrical Raceway Module
  4. Automatic Orthographic Drawing Generation Solution

About Plant Design Management System

PDS, which stands for "Plant Design System," is a computer-aided application that is produced by Intergraph, which is an international manufacturer of geospatial and engineering software. PDS is an engineering and design application that assists with the design, building and operations of plants. Knowledge of various tips and details of Intergraph PDS can help with use of the application.

Intergraph PDS features a piping module, which is useful for piping engineers and designers, as well as pipe support designers. The piping module is driven by specifications, and utilizes many piping component catalogs via the Internet. The module focuses on creating designs that are standardized, precise and efficient. Some of the standards within the library include ISO (International Organization for Standardization), DIN (Deutsche Industrienorm, or the German industrial standard) and ANSI (Areas of Natural and Scientific Interest).